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Introducing The StarBud

Featuring solid metal construction, multi-speed & high volume air circulation system, high quality LED light, multi-stage carbon filtration, and all metal hardware & fittings, this kit is high on quality and utility. The overarching theme in designing the Starbud was to remove the superfluous to make it as simple, modular, and robust as possible.  It was repeatedly engineered and stripped back down in the quest to remove the unnecessary.

The cabinet itself is sleek black powder coated steel.  Its exterior dimensions measure XH by X wide by X deep.  The door has a built in lock and is provided with 2 keys. Both the inlet port and outlet vent for the air circulation system are protected and sealed.   

At the heart of our grow box is the LED light.  The 100W of true power is the equivilent of a traditional 300W HPS setup.   It is a high efficiency, full spectrum grow light that has been calibrated specifically for the growing needs of cannabis plants. Its latest technology removes the need for a noisy and problematic cooling fan.  It features a robust IP65 waterproof rating, meaning it is fully sealed from dust and would be even be protected from discharged water.  

LED Chip Philips SMD3030
 Driver SPL Driver
PPFD 350 u.mol/0.5m
Lifespan 50,000 hours 

Spectrum Curve


Fan- Intro text

Speed (Rpm) Air Flow (m3/h) Pressure (Pa) Noise (dB)
Low Setting 1950  202  132 25
High Setting  2300  322  160 30
 Pressure/Air Flow


Paired with the fan is our highly effective, 4" low density virgin carbon filter. It features a machine packed 38mm carbon bed that enables 100% filtered air flow and the metal inner and outer mesh provides 53% open air allowing increased air flow.    A washable/changeable exterior fabric pre-filter is also included.   Rated for 175/205 CFM (need to confirm)


In keeping with our Keep It Simple philosophy, the control system is a simple, easy to use setup.  One timer controls the light, the other the fan.  These controls are fully programmable, capable of allowing up to XX timer settings per day. 

Also provided is a digital humidity and temperature meter.  This meter displays the current humidity and temperature (C or F) as well as the highs and lows measured since the last reset. 

By referencing this meter, and combining control of the intensity of the fan with the duration of running time, you are able to influence the cabinets growing conditions.  If for example, you notice that the maximum temperature or humidity levels measured exceed your target, this could be addressed by increasing the intensity of fan and/or duration of cycle time to increase the air circulation rate


Assembly Details

 OK we've done our part, time for yours.  

Included with the kit, is a fully illustrated assembly manual.  Following the XX easy steps outlined, the Starbud can easily be assembled within an hour, closer to half an hour if you have a helper.   The kit is provided in two boxes to help save on shipping cost, with each of the components clearly identified and packaged.  With the exception of a Phillips (star) screw driver, everything is included in the kit.  

Do you want to take a break from growing or need to the space for something else?  No problem, the cabinet can be broken down again by reversing the assembly steps for easy storage.  Not something you can do with a traditional grow cabinet