Compliments Any Room Decor

Our Cannabis Grow Box is the perfect fit for any home/apartment or office, allowing you to grow high quality bud

Grow Up To 4 Plants

Highest quality cannabis at the lowest affordable price

Affordable & Well-Built

Onyx Boxes was founded in 2019 to help entry level home growers have an affordable yet well-built cannabis grow box

Ready For Delivery

Through various prototypes and testing, we’ve finally arrived at a finished product that is sure to impress both novice and experienced growers alike

Grow Box Kit

Canada, meet the Ace!  We are proud to introduce a better way of home growing.  We have dedicated significant time and resources to come up with a solution for those looking to get into cannabis growing. 

  • Easy Access Controls

    Customize light and humidity controls.

  • High Quality LED Technology

    Maximize your growth while minimizing your footprint.

  • Durable Lock & Key

    Ensures no unauthorized access.

  • Two Stage Air Filtration System

    Confirms no odours will emanate.

  • State Of The Art LED Technology

    Maximizes your quality grow experience. 

  • Lock And Key For Added Security

    Lock out unwanted guests.

  • Easy Accessible Controls

    Easy and functional control layout allows you to adjust all aspects of your Onyx Box, quickly and effectively.

  • High Powered Carbon Filter Fan

    No smells, no problems.

Our "In House Motto"

'To Boldy Grow Where No Box Has Grown Before'


Watch our introductory video to learn more about Onyx Boxes!


Great box, great price, great value! Thank you Onyx team for delivering on your promise.

The setup took longer than expected, but it was fun and I learned alot. Any questions i had the Onyx team got back to me and were very helpful!

As an amateur enthusiast on a budget, i have been looking for a grow box for sometime. A friend recommend the Ace, and four months later i couldn't be happier!

I live in a small condo and space is of a premium. Earlier this year when covid kicked in, I was looking into a grow tent but my girlfriend told me about Onyx and its compact size.

After my first grow i have been happily smoking ever since. Thanks guys!!

With the long winters here its hard to get fresh vegetables. I dont smoke cannabis, but my ace is perfect for me to grow my vegetables :)