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Are you looking for a high quality, affordable, and efficient marijuana grow box where you can grow cannabis discreetly? You’ve found it and the journey starts here. At Onyx Boxes, we’ve dedicated significant resources into coming up with the #1 grow box in Canada.

Our cutting-edge innovative design features high quality components that comes at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. The unique LED grow light technology included in The Ace design maximizes growth and efficiency. From BC to PEI, whether you’re a hippie from the 60s or a first time grower, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Here at Onyx Boxes, the real value is in the "IKEA" build it yourself approach. Upon order, your unit comes disassembled in 2 boxes. It's up to you to build it, but don't worry its very easy and simple if you follow our enclosed instructions. The best part is that by assembling it yourself, you will save a minimum of 40%.

Don't mind getting your hands dirty now eh?


In Canada, more than 2 million of us smoke weed on a daily or weekly basis according to Statistics Canada. On average, the daily pot user spends approximately $200 per month. We feel that this is far to 'high' and have developed The Ace so that you can grow your weed at a fraction of that price. Here’s a preview into some of our customers:

  • Military veterans to reduce symptoms of mental and physical duress
  • Chronic pain patients looking to help manage symptoms of discomfort
  • Canadians in cancer treatment looking for relief from nausea and side effects of chemotherapy
  • Someone struggling with stress and feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Those looking to overcome feelings of anxiety or PTSD
  • Individuals in need of help with insomnia or sleep-related problems
  • Everyday Canadians just like you who are interested in starting to grow their own cannabis!